Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kyren Justus Adam Kerns

Well, first I apologize for the negligence of the blog for the last 2 months. That's right Kyren is now 2 months old. He is a lot of fun. Kyren is a happy baby as long as he has a full tummy. He is smiling all the time and cooing quite a lot. I think he's going to be talkative like me. He loves his bouncy chair and sitting in the carrier that I strap on to me. He hasn't developed a preference for his swing yet. We also have a little jungle play mat on the floor that he likes. He wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat and once in the early morning as well. He usually goes right back to sleep after he eats so it's a pretty easy routine. We have had lots of visitors come to see Ky and he loves the attention. We are mobile now as well. We've gone to the mall a couple of times and he has let Jason and I enjoy 2 nice lunches out while he napped in his stroller. He has even made the trip out to Sun City West to see his Great Grandparents. He was a big hit as always! When we are at home during the day, Kyren and I sing songs. He likes Down by the Bay and Five Green and Speckled Frogs. We also read books, he loves Goodnight Moon. He practices holding his head up and investigates his hands quite thoroughly every day. Kyren is a great baby, we feel so lucky to have him in our family. I promise to keep the updates coming more frequently so check back. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Home Stretch...Whose Feet Are Those?

We are so close!  I am officially full term now at 37 weeks, so if the baby is born at this point, he is fully developed.  We have taken the classes and feel as prepared as we can be, though we know that one can never really be fully prepared.  We got great presents at the baby showers and then I went out and spent quite a bit on other stuff to fill in the blanks.  Now I'm having fun putting things together with the help of my friend Emily who is great at that kind of thing.  Jason and I are trying to take full advantage of our final days of freedom for a while, by going out to eat and seeing movies in the theater.  I am also trying to finish up a few projects at home in the next week or two.  I'm still feeling good, although my feet are about three times the size I am used to.  I will be excited when I can see my ankles again, they are currently MIA.  The birth plan is written, the bag is packed, and now we are just waiting enjoying each other's company.  I am nervous about the pain, but we are both so excited that I know that will overshadow my anxiety once the time comes.  We hope everyone is well.  The next blog will have pictures of our new little guy.  

Monday, May 5, 2008

7 Months and Expanding!

The time is flying by and we are getting so close.  Jason and I have started taking childbirth preparation classes to help us prepare for the "big day".  We have 3 more out 4 sessions of the class.  They show some great and "enlightening" videos.  Jason has decided that he would prefer a short labor.  Ya, you're tellin me!  We are still having a lot of fun with it.  The baby has gotten more active recently and we can feel him moving around almost any time.  We are getting closer to a name.  We have decided to narrow it down to about 4 names and then wait until we see him to decide what it will be.  I still feel pretty good.  I sometimes have a hard time finding a comfortable position to sit in, but for the most part, I'm still feeling great.  I go to the doctor every two weeks now and next month it will increase to every week.  I can't believe the time is almost upon us.  We feel as ready as new parents can feel, mentally.  We haven't bought anything yet, so in that respect we are far from ready.  I have 13 school days left before I am done with the year.  I officially resigned and I'm nervous to be unemployed, but we'll find a way to make it work.  We hope that this update finds everybody well and we are so excited that there will only be a couple more blogs before the one in which we can share the baby with you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

6 Months and Looking Forward

We have surpassed the 6-month mark and everything is going well.  Jason and I got to see the lil' guys face in an ultrasound on Tuesday and it turns out that he's pretty cute.  You can see his face in some of the pictures I've posted and judge for yourself.  We are biased after all.  We have about 11 weeks left before he's here and we are really getting excited.  I am starting to get a little uncomfortable, but other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.  I have been working on registering for all the things we need and some fun things that we don't "need".  We have registered at both Target and Babies R Us and both registries can be viewed online.  Feel free to take a look and let us know if we've overlooked something crucial or if you have any other recommendations.  We still have not agreed upon a name and I wouldn't be surprised if that decision remains a mystery until we see him.  There has already been talk about starting pools to guess when he'll be born and how much he'll weigh.  I am in the home stretch of the school year.  We have about 5 weeks left and I am really looking forward to having a little time off to get ready for the baby.  We are really just looking forward to having him here.  It's surreal to think that the next time we see his little face it will be when he finally joins our family. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

5 Months!

Well, we've reached five months and it seems that things are changing fast now.  I feel like I'm getting bigger by the moment.  I know, I know..."just wait" you'll say.  I am looking forward to fitting in to maternity clothes a little better.  The belly on some of those shirts are is still just too big.  There's no more hiding it, people are starting to notice now.  The custodian at work took the time to ask me if I was pregnant the other day.  One teacher commented on my new profile and a couple others have dubbed me "Busty Kerns".  Not much else is new at the moment.  We picked out a couple of big items to register for at Babies R Us, but we haven't started on the little stuff yet.  We will keep you updated on any news that comes up.  Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The News We've Been Waiting For...

Well, the results are in.  We had an ultrasound today and discovered that the baby has a brain (yay),  vital organs are all accounted for, there are arms and legs, and finally a peepee!  Yes, there it was clear as day, it's going to be a boy.  He was just chillin' in there with his legs stretched out looking like he was in a recliner.  We are very excited to have a boy on the way.  We have to begin talking about names for boys as I suspect it will take us the duration of the pregnancy to come to an agreement on that matter.  Now that we know the sex, we will start thinking about registering as well.  We are happy that we can refer to the baby in a more human way, "he" as opposed to "it".  He looks healthy and they predict he weighs almost a pound coming in at 15 ounces at the moment.  We wish everyone well.  Look for another blog in about 2 weeks when we hit the five month mark.

Friday, February 1, 2008

4 Months Down

Well, we've reached 19 weeks and so far so good.  My first trimester was good.  I was very tired, but otherwise fine.  My second trimester has been plagued by a nasty cough that won't go away.  I'm hoping it will be gone soon and I can enjoy this time.  I am beginning to show a little.  My clothes most certainly don't fit anymore and I'm not big enough to go for maternity clothes yet.  I am trying to find clothes that fit me as I change.  Jason and I have only just begun the great name debate.  We should be able to find out the sex of the baby on Feb. 11th so that will motivate us to continue that conversation.  We are getting very excited now that we can see the changes that are happening.  We, like everyone always says, are just hoping for a healthy baby.  That said, Jason is hoping for a boy and while I started out thinking I wanted a girl, I have shifted to really being happy with either.  I want both eventually anyway and I don't mind whichever comes first.  I have begun to feel movement, though not regularly yet.  Soon , I'll start to think about registering and what we are going to need.  I hope you'll feel free to leave comments and advice for us as you check our blog.  We are looking forward to sharing our happy news with you.